Friday, 5 March 2010

What Colour Jewellery Do You Wear?

Ladies I'm hoping you will be able to help me out. I'm trying to conduct a small survey to find out what colour jewellery you all like to buy and wear.

To participate please post a comment and include the answers to the following questions:

1.) Which do you prefer to wear or do you wear the most - Silver or Gold plated jewellery?

2.) Do you buy and wear sterling silver jewellery yourself and/or do you wear and buy sterling silver jewellery for your loved ones?

3.) What colour beads and stones do you like on your jewellery?

You don't have to answer all 3 questions but I would be grateful if you did.
Thank you all in advance for your participation.


  1. I wear casual day to day silver jewelry. I buy silver as gifts and generally wear turquoise coloured stones or wood :) Everyone is different, it's hard to put a finger what the general public likes...good luck.

  2. I wear gold jewelry 95% of the time. My skin tone doesn't look that great with silver. I occasionally do buy silver as a gift though. As far as the color of stones, I'm not really that picky. I guess it depends on what kind of mood I'm in at the time of purchase :)

  3. i'm into gold plated jewelery now. my fave bead colors are black and green. i buy multicolored beaded jewelry nowadays, it's the in thing in our place.

  4. I like gold far more than silver. But I might buy silver for a gift because it seems like a safer choice (most of my friends wear silver). I like greens, teal/turquoise, coral/pink...

  5. lily, your new pieces are so pretty. i received my necklace today. just wanted to thank you so much again. it is even prettier than it looks in the pictures.

    i normally wear sterling silver jewelry. in fact, i don't think i even have any gold jewelry. lots of my things are white gold. i think a red bead would be beautiful.

  6. Hi Lily!
    I mostly wear gold jewelry in tri-color or two tone combinations-ie. white/yellow/rose gold or white and yellow gold. But enjoy throwing in silver occasionally and love it paired with either lovely colored pearls or rich colored stones. Your shop is lovely! =)

    Busy Mom & CEO of