Saturday, 13 March 2010

How I Made My Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Coiled Ring

The Finished Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Coiled Ring

  1. I started off by hammering flat some 14 gauge Silver plated wire
  2. Then I hammered a pattern on to the flattened wire
  3. The finished hammered pattern on the wire
  4. I made the coiled ring shape by wrapping the flattened wire around a wooden mandrel
  5. The finished coiled ring shape
  6. Then I add the finishing touches to the ring by adding a final wrapped piece of wire on the middle of the coiled ring shape

I have some new rings I'm about to unveil in my Etsy shop but I thought it might interest some of you to see how I made one of those rings. This is not a tutorial as such but just an overview of what I did to make my finished design with some pictures of the different stages and then pictures of the finished ring.

Friday, 5 March 2010

What Colour Jewellery Do You Wear?

Ladies I'm hoping you will be able to help me out. I'm trying to conduct a small survey to find out what colour jewellery you all like to buy and wear.

To participate please post a comment and include the answers to the following questions:

1.) Which do you prefer to wear or do you wear the most - Silver or Gold plated jewellery?

2.) Do you buy and wear sterling silver jewellery yourself and/or do you wear and buy sterling silver jewellery for your loved ones?

3.) What colour beads and stones do you like on your jewellery?

You don't have to answer all 3 questions but I would be grateful if you did.
Thank you all in advance for your participation.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I've Been Busy

Sorry for my week long absence! Me and the boys had a nasty bout of a stomach virus but we're on the mend now.
Before I got sick I was a busy bee making a new batch of earrings and a lovely wire rose pendant which had been in the planning stages for ages. Some of the items are available in my Etsy shop already but I will be listing the rest this weekend.